Gremlins are different and and their work too
There is a kind of gremlins helping the fairies when they are on vacation - these are gremlins collectors of children's teeth.
They are not as kind as fairies. For children's teeth, they require payment of sweet candy and biscuits.
And when they eat, they become kind and fulfill the most cherished desires.
Gremlin can not be seen by everyone, but only by someone who sincerely believes in them.
The toy is made of high-quality artificial fur (Italy)
Eyes glass (handmade)
Claws, nose and jaw - polymer clay
Jaw is movable, opens and closes
The paws and cushions of the paws are made of leather.
4 disk connections, in the neck and arms is installed a plastic skeleton Germany
Seated height 30 cm, total length 46 cm (excluding hair)
Can only sit
Filled with: wool, fibers
Wings are removable, clothes too.
Beads natural stone agate and teeth made of polymer clay
In the hair there are flowers made of phosphoric polymer clay. Glowing flowers are needed to see at night in the dark :)
Moves to a new house with his pillow and a wooden box, leather passport
Gremlin will be a wonderful friend, of course, if you do not forget to feed her sweets :)

Tooth Gremlin Gloria