A mushroom gnome is Fly-agaric
In distant times mushrooms were the symbol of success.
A mushroom symbolize knowledge and brightening, and similarly the human soul. They had the power, bringing immortality, persistence and success.
A forest gnome Nibin was born in the far - distant woods. But in course of time on a planet more people became andthey occupied all corners of earth and gnomes went away to live in caves. They are excellent masters of disguise) it isVery heavy to see them, but seeing in-field gnome, it is largesuccess. He will execute one desire necessarily, and that if itwill be kind
Interior toy.
Executed in the mixed technique.
100% wool
Artificial fur is Italy
Polymeric clay
Eyes are glass of handwork
Movable skeleton
A cap is embroidered by a natural stone "jasper"
Height 35 

Mushroom gnome Nibin

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