This is a variety of gremlins that are responsible for preparing the holiday of Halloween. They live in small villages. The most favorite thing is to grow pumpkins. What kind of pumpkins they do not have: shapes ... colors ... and even different in taste
Love to cook pumpkin pies and jam.
Such a gremlin is useful in the household and will become the best friend :)


Made of high-quality artificial fur.
Inside is a skeleton made in Germany.
The tail is also on the skeleton (everything is movable)
Handmade glass eyes.
Mouth is mobile
Nose, claws, mouth, jaw - made of polymer clay
The paws and cushions of the paws are made of leather
Filled with rubber granulate, wool

Height in standing position 45 cm

The cap is made of soft plush.
Vest plush, embroidered with natural jasper stones
Leather passport, pillow


Gremlin Oliver

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