As a child, my favorite books were the myths and legends about the various strange creatures and mythical animals. I collected their collections. I've always wanted to do one of them, and finally decided. Begin to work on a series of different mythical creatures: forest, water, marsh, sand, snow ...
So get acquainted first of them - a resident of the forest Gozya. In appearance it is scary, but at heart very kind gremlin. Gozya keeps order in the forest, the trees preserves, it protects animals. It helps people in search of mushrooms, but if it hurt the forest Gozya becomes large and evil gremlins and leads far into the forest so that people no longer find the way home.

Interior toy.
Made in the technique of dry felting wool.
100% wool
Eyes glass, handmade, polymer clay, wood.
The tail and paws on the wire frame
Height 42 cm gremlin 

Gremlin Gozya

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