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My Facebook page is blocked

My favorite page !!! Facebook returned it to me !!!! 2 days have fallen from life🙃🙂🙃

And so ... what really happened

My Facebook account has been blocked.

Facebook decided that this was not my page and asked for a photo for confirmation.

Facebook is testing a new face verification system and it’s not always going well.

How to protect yourself?

-You must have at least one photo with your face on the page to prove that this is your account.

- Complaints do not help speed up the process. Time will take from one minute to 72 hours, with luck. I was unblocked the page in 2 days. There are people who still have not returned the page.

- If you have a page, then add an administrator. If your account is blocked, it will be able to go to your page

- Even if you paid for the advertisement on the page, this also will not protect you from blocking

 - The photo on the profile picture should be yours. Not an animal, not you with an animal. Only one person

Do not even try to open another account under your name. All the same, they will block and the waiting time will be only longer !!!


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