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Master class how to make a realistic nose.

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So, let's begin...

What you need:

- Polymer clay Cernit

- Varnish for polymer clay Cernit: matt and brilliant

-Dry pastel or oil paints (to choose from)

-Tools for modeling, brushes

Creating the nose takes a long time

Begin to collect the nose

Gathering the nose you need to balance the proportions and smooth the plastic

Well look around ... Maybe you'll see textures near you. It can be a grid, metal coasters with a grid, a woolen thread. Sponge for washing dishes, toys ...

In order to make prints on the nose bears you can use a needle, a hard brush or sponge, a thread. It takes a long time, you need to try hard to get a good result

For coloring of nose I use dry pastel. We paint the nose (I paint before baking).

After baking plastic according to the instructions, we first cover with a matte varnish, then some places are shiny

If you paint with oil paint in the life you get a completely different effect of the nose.

But you need to consider that the oil paint dries a long time.

1 Oil-based paint

2 Dry pastel

Do not waste your precious time creating a new nose every time. You can remove the silicone form from "Your nose" and not purchased.


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