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Master class for creating bear paws


Leather Bear paws.

I want to share with you one more way how you can make realistic bear paws.

To do this you will need:

-Photographs of the bear's paws can be found on the Internet

- Wool and needles, brush for felting

- Marker

- leather

- brushes and oil paints

- felt

Drawing on the felt front and rear paws.

Using a needle for felting wool, we form the fingers and feet, giving the desired shape.

On the reverse side we cut off excess wool

Cut out the desired areas of the skin and sew (pulling) the reverse side of the thread

For toning we use oil paints

We mark with pins the places where the part will be sewn and we cut the wool from this place

We glue the part and stitch it a few times

In order to place exactly all the fingers. Begin to sew from the edge