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"Fun based on torture ..."

When I started making this bear the main idea was to make a clown bear. Bright lights of spotlights, breathtaking acrobatics, amazing numbers with animals, for most animal artists a circus is not at all unbridled fun, but everyday torture.

I remember when I was little, we went to the circus. And every time the animals showed tricks, I was very sorry and scary at the same time when the tigers were beaten with whips. I imagined how they hurt. I only saw hungry and scared animals that walk on their hind legs. And I had absolutely no fun watching this show. I also remember moving zoos, each year several times came to our city and huge queues of people near the entrance. For me, it seemed to be torture of animals, dirty little, stuffy cages, in which a huge bear sat and could not even turn to stretch its paws. It was fun for everyone to look at these animals, I stood nearby and also smiled in order to keep up with public opinion. I was afraid not to stand out from the crowd. But in the shower there were completely different emotions ...

Being an adult now, I don’t go to circuses where animals work, I don’t visit contact zoos, although sometimes, to be honest, I really want to go by and look at them. But going there I bring profits to the owners of the zoo, provoking them even more new animals to close in the cages. I am very sorry for these animals that they have to suffer so much because of the human nature.

I am for a circus without animals !!!

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