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How to make the eyelid bear.

- Materials used:

- Self-hardening clay Luna Clay Super

- Clay does not break, does not crumble, with its help you can create more realistic details. Perfectly painted with oil paints

- Oil paints of two colors: black and brown

- Tools for modeling

- Animal's eyes

Materials needed are glass eyes (obtainable from any taxidermy shop), Luna Clay Super (resin polymer cold porcelain clay) for the white eyeball area, air-hardening clay for the eyelids, oil paints in black and brown colors. Using the Luna Clay Super, make two identically-sized pieces (for accuracy, electronic scales may be used); form into two balls. Push glass eyes into the clay. To add realism to the eyes, tubular pieces of the air-drying clay are formed as eyelids. Surround the glass eyes with the eyelid pieces; mold to fit. After the clay dries, a coat of shiny clear lacquer may be applied to the corners of the eyes, creating the effect of moist eyes.

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