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How to make a jaw bear


To create a jaw, we need the following materials:

- Polymer clay Cernit, white and pink

After heat treatment, it becomes a durable material. It's easy to work with. Can be painted as oil paints there and dry pastel

- Tools for modeling

- Wire

- Pliers

- Pencils of dry pastels

- Varnish for polymer clay Cernit: matt and brilliant


We form from the wire 2 parts of the jaw

We glue the wire with clay, forming the jaw. Make a mark for teeth

The upper jaw should be slightly wider than the lower jaw

For toning, use a dry pastel. After heat treatment, it is well combined with clay, creating a lively effect

We form the upper jaw, smoothing all angles after the marking

After heat treatment (according to packing instructions) Apply a few layers of matte varnish. After drying in some places and on the tongue we apply a brilliant lacquer.

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