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About BCA Exclusive Online Show

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

It's no secret that I participate in BCA Exclusive Online Show - 15TH & 16TH JUNE 2019.

Especially for this show, I will present several works. On this page I will add photos of my work.


And the first of them - a forest Gremlin Amanita. He is a continuation of my gremlins with long ears and teeth.

Despite his appearance and big teeth, Gremlin is very kind and friendly. He is a forest dweller. And his most favorite occupation is to grow amanita.

It is made of high quality faux fur. Inside the gremlin installed plastic skeleton. Glass eyes, fully mobile. Mushrooms are made of cotton and plush. Handmade clothing, leather sandals


The next job is a koala girl. She is still without a name, but it will be fixed soon :)

The toy is made of high quality artificial fur. Inside the koala there is a plastic skeleton. Glass eyes. Fingers are made of plush (mobile). Filled with wool and rubber granulate.

Especially for the show I made two pirates of a lion and a lioness.

The lion is made of faux fur. Mane wool sheep, eyes glass. Jaw, nose, claws polymer clay.

Pillows paws sewn by hand. The clothes are made of linen and natural silk. Handmade ceramic beads, necklace natural freshwater pearls, seashells. 5 disk mounts. The tail moves with the help of a plastic skeleton. Leather shoes. Filled with wool and mineral granules.

And a beautiful pirate lioness

Now in the process of work Sloth :)

I hope to finish the work for the exhibition.

And my last hot job🔥 just finished working on it😉😄

Now i can sleep✨


Link to the group on Facebook (here all the information about the future show)