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Hello, my name is Daria

teddybear - ooaktoys - gift - Pogorelaya Daria - handmade

I make all my toys with great love and care.

The process of each is like a journey to a fairy tale that I want to share with you. The toys are created with much love, and each has its own unique story.

All my works are produced from high-quality, organic materials, and making each takes a lot of time, from a week to a month.

My toys are in private collections around the world: Great Britain, United States, Ireland, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, England, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Japan, France ....
Also my toys (Gremlins) can be seen in the museum "Susan Quinlan Museum" in Santa Barbara
My works were published in print editions: "Teddybear and Friends", museum catalogs "Dolls Art" "Teddy Bear times and Friends"...

If my furry friend comes to live with you, it automatically will bring happiness and prosperity to your home:)

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